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If you have one of these early Mac Pro models or are thinking of picking one up on the used market, this guide will provide all the information you need to upgrade the Mac Pro's storage system. Mac Pros from through shipped with four 3. In addition, the Mac Pros also have at least one optical drive, plus space for a second optical drive. The most popular method of expanding the Mac Pro's internal storage is to add hard drives using the built-in drive sleds supplied by Apple. This method of upgrading is a snap.

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Pull out the drive sled, mount the new drive to the sled, and then pop the sled back into the drive bay. You can find a detailed step-by-step guide for installing an internal hard drive in a Mac Pro. Please refer to that guide for installation details; it will be part of the process for many of the storage upgrades we're going to mention in this guide.

The important thing to remember is that the hard drive sled Apple provides is designed for a 3. This is the same size drive used in most laptops. In addition to the smaller drive size, you'll need either an adapter or a replacement drive sled designed for installing a 2.

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If you're using an adapter, the device must be able to mount to your existing Mac Pro drive sled using the bottom mount points. I strongly recommend updating your Mac to the latest non-beta version of macOS it can run before beginning the backup process. Then restore directly from your Time Machine backup. This will give you a completely fresh start, though your emails, app settings, and other files will need to be separately hunted down and brought over from your other hard drive.

For users with plans to swap an optical drive for an SSD, keeping the SSD as a non-boot drive, nothing needs to be done to prep software beforehand. However, if you plan to make the SSD your boot drive, follow the instructions above so you can enjoy the speed benefits of running macOS directly from the SSD.

OWC Mercury Electra 3G

One brief note on TRIM, a topic that was a bigger deal when I originally wrote SSD guides; read about it and third-party software in greater depth here. The guides omit only one step: Thankfully, earlier Mac minis are easier to open, requiring only a putty knife , Phillips 00 Screwdriver , and spudger. The same sort of 2.

Aluminum-bodied inch MacBooks of or earlier vintage not current inch models and MacBook Pros sold in or earlier can be upgraded with 2. You just unscrew and remove the bottom cover of your MacBook, pull out the hard drive, replace it with the SSD, then reattach the bottom cover. The original inch Retina MacBook Pro requires quite a few additional steps; Apple significantly simplified the SSD replacement process for subsequent-generation inch machines, bringing them to parity with the inch model and MacBook Airs.

How easy is installation? Except for the older first- and second-generation MacBook Airs, the process is incredibly simple: Although the price of SSD has been falling, the range still varies a lot. The volume of an SSD is one of the most important factors you should consider.

SSD Upgrade Kits For Apple Mac Pro

In other words, GB is almost the base capacity you could choose from most manufacturers. This is because smaller drivers are often slower and more expensive considering the cost per gigabyte.

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  • Also, as camera technology improves, photos and videos often have much larger file sizes. If you are used to syncing these files with your Mac, the chances are that your Mac will be filled up much faster than ever before. So, consider a GB or 1TB if you have a need for large storage. But not all SSDs are made equal.

    For those of you who make a living in fields like design, development, or workstation, etc. For SSD manufacturers, another factor why brand matters is that quality and warranty.

    Macbook Pro SSD Upgrade (2011/2012/2013)

    For example, during my research, I know Samsung makes its own SSD controllers, memory, and firmware, which gave me confidence that the company is capable of designing and putting together the entire SSD from start to end. Fortunately, MacBook Pros from and before are compatible with 2.

    In case both options went out of stock, SanDisk X is an excellent alternative. For power users who are less price sensitive and have high-performance demands, Samsung PRO is surely a winner in the market.

    Mac Pro Storage Upgrade Guide

    Pro tip: I have a good impression of the Crucial brand and definitely would recommend its products. Another perk of choosing Samsung is the Magician software, which is great for drive installation, maintenance, and faster transfers. SanDisk has a word of mouth among its memory card and disk storage market.

    The company also makes solid state drives. The SanDisk X has four capacities that range from low to high volume. What impressed me most is its performance, which is as good as Samsung EVO. This product is essentially an upgraded version of EVO. The differences are that PRO has a higher maximum sequential read speed i. I got to know the brand when I was searching for video tutorials about how to open my MacBook Pro case.

    The OWC team has created tons of really awesome videos that make it hassle-free to replace any Mac components all by yourself. As thus, the above recommendations are my own opinions and I reserve the rights to change my opinions when necessary. Also, it may make more sense to buy a new SSD laptop instead of spending money on upgrading components. The easiest way is to use Time Machine. You can also clone your Mac hard drive to an external drive. Cloning is complementary to backup methods like Time Machine, and I encourage you to do so if you have extra portable drives.

    You can read this article for how to make it. This is the key part that you need to be extra careful. Any misoperation could damage your Mac. Fortunately, OWC has recorded a detailed instruction in this video. I highly recommend you watch it before you start. Now press the start button to turn on your Mac. Hold down the Option key as soon as you hear the reboot tone. After that, use Time Machine to restore all the data.

    Apple Mac Pro (Mid 2012 - Dual Processor Systems)

    Follow the instructions from OSXDaily. They are quite helpful. Do you really need to enable it? In my opinion, no. You can also watch this YouTube guide if you prefer a video tutorial. Just a kind warning: In the digital age, nothing lasts forever. All devices and hardware components have a lifespan. Eventually, they will be gone. An SSD drive is no exception. All we can do is try our best to extend its life and maximize the value.

    That said, here are some helpful tips and tricks you may want to apply:. Replacing the internal hard drive with a solid state drive has been a great way to boost your Mac performance while spending less.

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