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With the announcement of Diablo 3 on switch, it surprises me how many people is unfamiliar with the possibility of Diablo 3 being played offline. Consoles have always had offline mode, this should be the same case on pc! I hate to be logged in even if I'm playing alone. If cheaters are the problem, at least we should have the option to have an offline-only character and an online only-one.

Diablo III

Xbox and PS4 player here Never really played offline but the main question I was going to ask. Playing offline gets you nowhere in Season, correct? No items, no XP, no nothing?? Kinda like a fun BS mode? Season has to maintain a constant connection to servers correct? By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service.

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I've heard that Diablo III requires a persistent internet connection even in solo play. Does anyone have any sources to this effect? This is a necessary consequence of Diablo 3's online cash auction system.

All your stuff has to be stored on the server to prevent 'fraud'. On further investigation, there appears to have been a rumour at some point that Diablo III will feature an "offline" mode, but this information is a year old, and Blizzard's system requirements seem to contradict it.

A: Very little is known right now on how Battle. There will be an off-line mode but it is unknown whether or not you will be able to use those characters to play on-ine sic. Right down the bottom is an unqualified "Internet connection required". There's no "for multiplayer games" or "for some game modes".

Just in case you're one of those people who are living in hope that Blizzard will relent, and add an offline mode just before or just after release, here's my best guess:.

Diablo3 is online-only only in all forms, from the ground up. It's not an action-RPG that Blizzard has bolted an online-only requirement on. It's more like WoW stripped down to instances-only gameplay, where the loot generation, combat mechanics and probably even mob AI is all handled server-side.

Not only does this allow them to leverage their dev's experience with WoW as well as soak up surplus server capacity, it makes Diablo3 incredibly difficult to pirate. Blizzard is betting that those upsides beat the downside of annoying a good percentage of their customers. I suspect, sadly, that they'll win that bet. I've no doubt that eventually someone will reverse-engineer a fake backend that will allow offline and unlicensed play that rivals the real thing, but it won't be any time soon.

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