Alarm clock 2 para mac os x

Its at times like this, that I'm glad that there are applications like Alarm Clock.

Cool Mac Apps – Alarm Clock 2 – A Fine Way To Start The Week

Alarm Clock is a menu item alarm clock for setting either one-time alarms or repeating alarms. Then choose anything in the iTunes library to wake to: songs, playlists, even podcasts. The application takes care of the rest, even waking the computer from sleep if needed. You can configure your snooze duration to the length you want.

Plus, if you have an apple remote, you can hit snooze without getting out of bed. If waking up to blaring alarms in the morning isn't your cup of tea, there's an "easy wake" option that gradually increases the alarm volume over time.

Set the mood you want to wake up in

All of the settings are end user configurable. Conclusion: Alarm Clock is a simple program, but what it does, it does very well. This is key system functionality that I haven't been able to find in this configuration in OS X, even with Reminders; and I'm glad that this app has found its way to my hard drive. I'm certain you'll like the app as well. The price is certainly right.

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All OSes. All licences. Software Free Download Soft You can skip this in seconds Click here to continue. Download Now! Alarm Clock 2. The application takes care of the rest, even waking the computer Last update 29 Mar.

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Wake up to the serenity of your musical selection. Put to rest the goofy retro beeps and buzzing of a bedside alarm clock or cell phone. Use Alarm Clock Pro for Mac when waking up, as a reminder to take medications, or keep social appointments.

Put your Mac to sleep

At work, schedule follow up appointments with clients, set break reminders, run the office radio, set project timers, or discreetly monitor employee workspaces. Features and Highlights iTunes Enhanced Connect directly with iTunes to play a specific playlist or the entire library!

Setting Birthday and Events Alert

Shuffle or play songs in sequence. Built-in Jingles Select from one of numerous professionally designed custom ringtones, or import an alternative! Web Radio Ready Stream music live from a favorite web radio station for the freshest music selection every day! On-Screen Notifications Display passive onscreen notifications that serve as great reminders!

Wake from Sleep Never have to leave your computer on!